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YES! We service and repair all makes and models.

With over 100 years of combined mechanical service and repair experience Master Automobiles have a team of mechanics who are knowledgeable and experienced over a wide range of vehicles

If you have a problem it is likely we have fixed the same or similar problem before.

We service all makes and models and also specialize in European vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Volvo and Saab.

Please click on the categories below to find out more.

  • Log Book Service

    We will complete your logbook service as per manufacturer requirement and stamp and sign it after completion. We will also carry out our comprehensive check to make sure that your…

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  • Breakdown & Repairs

    Sometimes apart from the normal service you will require additional repairs which are unscheduled. This however does depend how well your vehicle has been serviced in the past, the model…

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  • General Repairs

    Whether your car needs new brake pads or is leaking coolant and overheating, not starting, running rough, making noises, or some difficult obscure fault that you have had others look…

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  • Inspection & Diagnostic

    Has your car got an issue that has been difficult to diagnose and repair? The issue may be ongoing and you may have taken your car to other places without…

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  • Brakes and Safety Systems

    Brakes Lighting SRS Systems Windscreen and Wipers & Mirrors Chassis and Body Suspension & steering Exhaust system and emission control Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in…

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  • Engine & Associated Components

    Engine oil and Filter Air/fuel Filters and spark plugs Timing Belt or chain and Water pump Drive Belts, tensioners and pulleys Cooling System Ignition, electrical, sensors and engine computer (ECU)…

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  • Carbon & Injector Clean

    Is your engine running rough, hesitates on acceleration or your fuel economy is low? It may be that you need the carbon cleaned out of your engine fuel system. Today’s…

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  • Tyres & Wheel Alignment

    Are your tyres low on tread, slip in wet, car vibrating at higher speed or pulling to one side? It is imperative that your tyres are in good condition, have…

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  • Battery & Electrical Systems

    Battery/ Alternator/Stating system Analysers We can analyse your battery and our equipment will tell you if it is likely to be reliable or unreliable to your next service (with a printed…

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  • Air Conditioning

    In the hot Melbourne summers you need your air conditioning system to work efficiently. If it is not working at all, intermittently working or just not very cold we can…

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  • Transmission & Driveline

    Your vehicles transmission and driveline components are designed to transmit engine power to your car wheels smoothly and efficiently. All transmissions the power is transmitted to the differential and through…

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  • Transmission flush & Fluid Exchange

    When the transmission fluid is heated and cooled over time it breaks down and your lubrication protection is reduced. This causes very small/microscopic metal and clutch particles to be worn…

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