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Our Guarantee

Master Automobiles 12 month 20,000 km guarantee

For your peace of mind we are confidently offering all our clients
a written 12 month 20,000 km Guarantee on new parts and labour.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team who aims to do it right first time – every time, and we supply quality parts which are durable and made to last.
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong - you are covered and we will rectify your issue quickly.

New Parts & Labour

We offer a 12 month or 20,000 km’s guarantee (whichever occurs first) on all brand new parts supplied and installed by Master Automobiles and the original labour for their installation.


A pro rata tread guarantee is offered for up to 36 months against manufacturing defects which are deemed to be defects by our tyre distributor – excludes tread wear, physical/accident damage, over or under inflation, tyre balancing, abnormal wear due to faulty wheel alignment and or suspension, punctures and abnormal/abusive use.


Batteries are covered for 24 to 36 months for private vehicles (depending on the type of battery purchased) and 12 months for commercial grade batteries used in a commercial vehicle.

Terms and Conditions of our Guarantee

  • Covers only the replacement of brand new parts supplied by Master Automobiles and our initial labour to fit these parts - 12 months or 20,000 km's (whichever occurs first) from the date this work is carried out. If used parts are supplied & installed by us, you are covered by a 30 day warranty - unless stated otherwise on your invoice. If we cannot source a used replacement part at our similar cost, then we will provide you a credit towards the replacement  used/new part.
  • Initial work and parts must be approved by the client in entirety and must be carried out by us for the related vehicle system. (as per Master Automobiles recommendation).
  • To claim the Guarantee you must advise us by phone or in person of the problem ASAP (within 2 business days) and must not keep driving the vehicle if you notice anything unusual like warning lights, unusual noises or operation, vibration or vehicle overheating.
  • Client must have the vehicle regularly serviced by Master automobiles at intervals and km's of no longer than the manufacturers requirements, or 6 months 10,000 km's for vehicles over 7 years old or over 100,000 km's - whichever is sooner.
  • Excludes maintenance items (e.g. light bulbs, wiper blades, filters, lubricants, fluids and gasses).
  • Excludes wheel alignment and tyre balancing.
  • Excludes non genuine accessories like alarms, entertainment systems, towbars, non standard lighting and add on lpg systems.
  • Excludes air conditioner leak repairs and re-gas. Excludes Diesel particle filter (DPF) cleaning or additional parts/labour required after a DPF related service. Replacement DPF filter is guaranteed for manufacturing defects for 12 months for a new unit or 30 days for a used DPF.
  • Excludes diagnostic labour fee, and also any repairs to reported faults of intermittent or non apparent nature.
  • Does not cover subsequent damage eg. Another faulty part causes our installed part to prematurely fail or if our installed part fails and causes other subsequent damage.
  • Does not cover any subsequent expenses like towing, travel, accommodation, loss of income, opportunity or profits.
  • Client must deliver vehicle to Master Automobiles to claim any Guarantee services.
  • Guarantee is voided if any service or parts are subsequently repaired, replaced or modified by any other party unless authorized in writing by Master Automobiles.
  • This Guarantee will no longer apply where the defect is a result of alteration, physical damage, accident, misuse, abuse, water/fluid damage, using wrong fuel, racing or neglect.
  • The Guarantee only covers the original owner’s vehicle when the service was performed, and is not valid if vehicle ownership is transferred. This Guarantee is available for all clients that have had work carried out by Master Automobiles. This guarantee is additional to statutory guarantee and does not affect your protection provided by Australian consumer law.

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