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Battery & Electrical Systems

Battery/ Alternator/Stating system Analysers

We can analyse your battery and our equipment will tell you if it is likely to be reliable or unreliable to your next service (with a printed report) even if it starts OK today. Knowing this and replacing it now if needed will save you time, money and inconvenience in the near future.

We will also test your charging and starting systems to make sure they are within specification so it is less likely to leave you stranded in the future.

Electric accessories

Today’s modem vehicles have dozens of electrically operated items. Apart from lighting you may have electric windows, mirrors, seats, tail-gates and other items which occasionally may not operate correctly.
With our experience and the right equipment we can rectify electrical and mechanical items relating to your electrical system.

Wiring faults could be one of the most time consuming items to trace and rectify. For example your brake light fuse keeps blowing and you can’t see anything wrong apart from the brake lights are not working.

The problem could be that one of the wires was squashed and is hidden under the carpet when the car was manufactured. After a few years the pressure on this wire has caused the insulation to break down and it is shorting to your car chassis causing your fuse to blow. Using manual methods with a meter, tracing wires and pulling apart your car is very time consuming and not always successful.

Having the right wire tracing equipment can cut our fault-finding time up to 95% which means our fee will be a lot less compared some others who are still using old school methods - and you will get your vehicle back quicker.


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