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Brakes and Safety Systems

Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in your vehicle. If you can stop in time - you can avoid an accident.


This situation may have been caused when the entire braking system is not fully maintained.

If your braking system is not working 100%, your stopping distance will increase and although you may gradually get used to applying your brakes earlier to compensate for the below standard performance. In an emergency situation, Eg: If the car in front of you quickly stops with little warning, you may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident. For which at the very least it will be inconvenient, and you will have to pay for all the damage/claim on your insurance.

Worn Tyres, faulty suspension/steering, your following distance, speed, reaction time and weather conditions will also affect your stopping distance.

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Your braking system must stop your vehicle smoothly and efficiently when you press the brake pedal and in the shortest amount of distance in an emergency.

If you are hearing grinding noises, squealing, felling vibration on the brake pedal, the pedal is spongy or hard, the ABS light is on and/or the brakes are not very effective - it is in your interest to get this rectified ASAP.

Your braking system requires regular maintenance as follows

  • Brake fluid has to be changed and flushed every 2 years and all the air must be out of the system the brake system must not have any leaks
  • Brake discs and brake pads wear every time you use your brakes they have to be replaced before they are under the minimum thickness or if they are warped
  • The brake lines must not be bulging and all brake hydraulic cylinders must seal and callipers must work instantly without binding.
  • The brake pedal and booster must work instantly and must have a good feel (not spongy or hard)
  • the handbrake must hold your car on a steep gradient
  • The ABS system and all the sensors must be fully operational with no errors displayed

At Master Automobiles we check all the above and recommend rectification where needed to make sure that your braking system is 100% operational and stops your car as the manufacturer intended.

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All brake lights must work when you press the brake pedal, all other external lighting including indicators, headlights and tail lights must work as intended and light lenses must be clear and not damaged or cracked.

SRS Systems


  • Seatbelts, pre-tensioners and airbags must work when you are involved in a major collision.
  • If your airbag warning light is on, some or all of these may not work when you really need them.

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Windscreen and Wipers & Mirrors


  • Windscreen must be clear and free from visual obstructions like chips, sandblasting and cracks.
  • Wipers must efficiently wipe the screen and washer has to work to clear a dirty windscreen.
  • The mirrors & sun visor must be solidly attached and work as intended.

Chassis and Body


The chassis must not have any cracks and body can not have any sharp protrusions that may cause injury to pedestrians. All your doors must open and shut effortlessly. Your windows must be operative incase the door can’t be opened after an accident.

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Suspension & steering

In modern cars your suspension and steering systems rely on highly tuned components which have to be in good condition to work safely, reliably and provide you with a driving experience the manufacturer intended.

If any components in your vehicles suspension & steering systems are worn or damaged your cars handing may be greatly compromised (even unsafe to drive), your braking distance may increase and your ability to avoid an accident in an emergency situation is greatly reduced.

Exhaust system and emission control


The exhaust system must not leak (risk of monoxide poisoning by exhaust getting to the interior of the car) or rattle/excessively noisy, and be firmly attached to the vehicle. The catalytic converter must not be blocked. The emission control system must be fully operational including oxygen sensors which provide feedback to your car engine computer and adjust fuel ratios accordingly.

At master Automobiles we check the braking and all safety systems thoroughly and notify you if any rectification work is needed for full safe operation.

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