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3 Harker st Burwood Vic 3125

How We Operate

To make a booking please call us on (03) 9808 0333, use our booking form or visit our premises, and we will organize a mutually convenient date for your car service.

Your vehicle will be booked in by our friendly and courteous staff and asked what is required and if there are any issues that you are aware of.

We will ask you to bring in your car on the assigned day between 8-9am. We are open Monday to Friday
8 am to 5 pm. We are closed weekends and public holidays. You can however drop off and pick up your car after hours using our private car park and secure coded lockers for your car keys.

We will then thoroughly check the car over to make sure you are away of any issues which are current and also be done as a preventive measure as below.

For example you brakes are still working fine however the brake pads are nearly worn out (rather than waiting 2 months and hearing grinding noises when you use your brakes (which will increase your stopping distance) and being desperate to fix your car quickly, with the added cost of new rotors and possibly new calipers - you can get this done in time and you will not have this problem in the future.

Another example would be if your battery is starting the car ok today however it is near the end of it’s life, and one day in the next few months your car will not start. You will have to get roadside assistance to change the battery at a higher cost at a time that is likely to be inconvenient.

Or in some extreme cases your timing belt (where fitted) replacement is past due and it breaks – there is no warning and your engine will stop working immediately. There is a high possibility that your engine (if it is an interference type) could be damaged beyond economical repair and would need replacement - which costs thousands of dollars.

Our comprehensive vehicle inspection

  • Test drive vehicle and check all systems for abnormal operation and  possible issues
  • Check all exterior lighting
  • Check Interior lighting, door locks, electric windows, and visual check of any breakages
  • Check battery, charging and starting systems
  • Check drive Belts and air/cabin filter/ Air conditioning output effectiveness
  • Check for oil, fluid and coolant leaks, visual cooling hose and radiator condition
  • Check Brakes – wheels off (pads, shoes and disks), fluid level/condition and safety systems
  • Check Suspension, steering, drive system components for excessive wear/damage
  • Check tyres for damage, wear, tyre pressures and possible alignment issues
  • Check exhaust system for leaks
  • Check wipers/wash system and windscreen
  • Check timing belt replacement interval (if applicable)
  • Run Clear command for any dash warning lights with our scanning tool
  • We will stamp your service logbook after completion & reset your service indicator
  • We will wash and vacuum vehicle
  • All work and brand new parts supplied are fully guaranteed
    Free ride to your work/home and pickup when completed (within 5kms)– if required
    Rental car available at $45 per day including insurance (must be pre booked)

We will call you with a quotation itemising all items we have discovered that require rectification.
We will only proceed on the items you have authorized so there are no surprises when you pick up your vehicle.

Additional Diagnostic services (additional fee)

  • Full scan of your car computer systems clearing any errors using the latest equipment with a printed report.
  • Faultfinding electrical and mechanical issues that are not apparently visible and require additional disassembly, diagnosis time and parts.

Additional Services

Carbon and injector clean service – Clean out your fuel system and inlet manifold and get your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Transmission fluid flush service - Replace 100% of the fluid in the transmission ( not just 50% as with a standard transmission service on most cars) circulate cleaning solution to clean transmission internally and conditioning agent to rejuvenate  your transmission seals.
This will extend the life of your Automatic transmission and may rectify some minor shifting problems you may currently have.

We aim to complete your car service the same day. (We have a 90% same day completion average).

If the work is on your vehicle is likely to take more than a day or there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we will call you and let you know on the same day, as soon as we are aware.

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