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Carbon & Injector Clean

Is your engine running rough, hesitates on acceleration or your fuel economy is low? It may be that you need the carbon cleaned out of your engine fuel system.

Today’s engines need to have a clean fuel and air path to operate efficiently.Over time fuel injectors may get partly blocked and not spay fuel efficiently, and your manifold/inlet chambers may get dirty form recycling oil fumes (especially in the latest direct injection technology engines). Also older engines may get a buildup of carbon in the combustion chambers and on top of cylinders.


Our carbon cleaning technology can clean this buildup and clean your fuel injectors (in most engines) quickly and efficiently and without manifold disassembly in most cases.

This machine works on port-fuel, CIS, TBI and carbureted systems, safely dissolving contaminants, gum and varnish deposits before catching them in the built-in 10 micron filter.

It cleans the injector screens, intake and exhaust valves, top of pistons, combustion chamber, oxygen sensors and also the catalytic converter. After the service we take your car on an extended test drive to burn off any residue.
It is recommended to change the engine oil and filter immediately after this service completion.

If your car has 80,000 kms and over our carbon cleaning service will usually result in smother running and more fuel efficient engine.

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