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Transmission flush & Fluid Exchange


When the transmission fluid is heated and cooled over time it breaks down and your lubrication protection is reduced. This causes very small/microscopic metal and clutch particles to be worn away from your components which will circulate in your transmission reducing your filter effectiveness.

This causes even more wear and partial blockage of fluid passages or even component breakages. Over time your transmission will not shift as smoothly and may develop problems. If it is not too worn or has not broken components, it may possibly be rectified with a new fluid change or a fluid flush- which replaces most of your transmission fluid (not just 50%).

If you want to save money in the long run you should change auto transmission at or before 100,000 kms then every 50,000 kms or four years whichever is sooner.

Our flush machine replaces most of the fluid using your vehicles transmissions oil pump it does not exert any additional pressure. Firstly we add a cleaning agent to circulate with your old fluid to clean out any contaminants. Then the machine will exchange almost 100% of your old fluid with the new correct fluid. We will then remove and examine your pan for any metal fragments, change the filter, top up to the correct level and add special seal conditioning agent to extend your transmission life.

Then we will test drive it at the full operating temperature testing all it’s functions and gears.
If your transmission is in a good state of operation it will clean it internally greatly increasing your transmissions life.

Carrying out this procedure will not fix a badly worn or broken transmission and in rare cases may make it worse, as the contaminated fluid, and material from worn clutch packs, may be keeping your badly worn transmission going for a short while before it totally fails. However if it is not too badly worn and is not damaged, it may extend it’s life and shift quality - by cleaning it’s internal components, replacing almost all of the dirty fluid and rejuvenating your transmission seals.

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