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Air Conditioning

In the hot Melbourne summers you need your air conditioning system to work efficiently. If it is not working at all, intermittently working or just not very cold we can service your system to work to it’s maximum performance.

Many modern vehicles have complex climate control systems which rely on computers, sensors, actuators and fans to make the whole heating/air conditioning system work effectively.


We have a wealth of experience in rectifying air conditioning problems. Whether you have a small leak that is difficult to trace (which would require rectification/ leak seal and regassing)to replacing faulty compressors, valves, sensors, fans, or other items which affect it’s performance - we can diagnose and rectify most problems effectively, so you can remain cool all summer, and warm on those winter mornings.

When we inspect your vehicle we will report to you any problems we discover in your air-conditioning components and recommend rectification if needed.

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