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Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Are your tyres low on tread, slip in wet, car vibrating at higher speed or pulling to one side?

It is imperative that your tyres are in good condition, have enough tread & are properly balanced and your wheels aligned, to handle properly on the road, and stop your vehicle in the shortest possible time in all weather conditions.

When you bring your vehicle in for service we carry out a comprehensive test which includes checking your tires for serviceability. This would include visual tyre damage check, air pressure check and tread depth check. 1.6mm is the minimum tread depth roadworthy condition however we recommend that they are changed if they are 3mm or below, as more tread depth will considerably improve your stopping distance in the wet.


We only fit tyres from reputable well known manufacturers like Dunlop and Goodyear.

We also recommend a wheel alignment when new tyres are fitted as if the alignment is not 100% accurate your cars handling and tyre life will be greatly reduced.

We will also check your wheel rims for any visual impact damage and recommend either repair or replacement as applicable.

We also recommend wheel alignment if any suspension work has been carried out as the new components will be at new level tolerances.

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