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Suspension & Steering


In modern cars your suspension and steering systems rely on highly tuned components which have to be in good condition to work safely, reliably and provide you with a driving experience the manufacturer intended.

If any components in your vehicles suspension & steering systems are worn or damaged your cars handing may be greatly compromised (even unsafe to drive), your braking distance may increase and your ability to avoid an accident in an emergency situation is greatly reduced.

Worn and bent components may also cause your car to pull to one side, increase your tire wear and cause bouncing, vibrations and noises. Power steering pumps and steering racks may wear, bind or leak causing your system to be either sloppy, noisy or heavy, which will make the car either unsafe, or at the very least unpleasant to drive.

As the vehicle ages and travels more kms the rubber components do crack, perish and wear. The metal ball joints and shock absorbers do also wear as you travel more kms. As power steering fluid (if applicable) gets contaminated with age, we recommend changing your power steering fluid after 100,000 kms then every 50,000 or 4 years.

If you are regularly using your vehicle for towing or drive on bumpy roads & off road, the rate of suspension wear is greatly increased.

If you hit a pothole or a gutter your suspension components can also get bent and broken.
Some suspension and steering systems are also computer controlled with sensors to adjust your suspension & steering automatically for road conditions and your driving style.

When we inspect your vehicle we will report to you any problems we discover in your suspension & steering components and recommend rectification if needed.

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